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DiscVision GmbH is an Alexa Voice Service Solution Provider that specializes in the support of visual devices with Alexa built-in.

We offer Skills as well as complete AVS integration into TV sets, Set-Top-Box systems, media players and similar devices.

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AVS Integration into Visual Devices

Integrate Alexa Voice Service (AVS) into a STB and turn it into a device with STB functionality and Alexa built-in.

Use all integrated media services on your TV set / home audio system such as:

  • Amazon Music
  • Audible
  • Kindle eBooks
  • TuneIn

Use Thousands of Skills on your TV set and get visual feedback in a large number of skills:

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How to integrate AVS into a visual device?

The DiscVision SDK includes AVS integration to shorten time. It works on Linux OS, Android OS and for Web Clients.

The DiscVision SDK with AVS integration supports:

  • Media Player for all types of media formats used by AVS
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) integration for microphone access (push to talk or hand-free)
  • Skill card viewer
  • Alexa Voice Chrome support
  • Sign-in / Sign-out process
  • Overall communication to the AVS cloud platform

The DiscVision SDK with AVS integration consists of:

  • AVS Library compiled for your target platform
  • Client module that can be integrated into your application for all kinds of communication to AVS lib
  • Integration guide and support

The DiscVision SDK is pre-certified and therefore shortens time to market considerably.

Controlling your device by White Label Custom Skills, Smart Home Skills for Entertainment Devices and Video Skill API Skills

DiscVision offers a set of white label skills that can easily be integrated into your visual device to control that device.

White label custom Skill supports:

  • Zapping
  • Live TV control, Timeshift
  • Volume control, Mute, Unmute
  • EPG information and EPG search
  • PVR: Scheduling of recordings
  • PVR: Search and playback of recordings
  • PVR: Trickmodes on replay
  • PVR: Videotext control

Easy integration of skill into your device:

  • Only the Client has to be integrated. See picture below.
  • DiscVision provides this in source code form
  • This block receives the directives from the DiscVision IoT Cloud and handles it

Home Media Gateways / Digital Receivers

Hybrid Receiver

HTML5 User Interface / OIPF / HbbTV

Hybrid Zapper

Freenet TV Germany DVB-T2 Support

Home Media Gateway


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